SABIC Conference 2020

SABIC Conference 2020 is the evolution from the earlier SABIC Technical Meeting (STM), later called SABIC Technical Conference (STC), which has been hosted by SABIC for more than two decades. Over the years, the conference has provided an opportunity for SABIC's global stakeholders to share knowledge, experiences, and achievements in innovation.

The theme of SABIC Conference 2020 is Chemistry 4.0, reflecting a new era of development – the fourth phase – that is evolving in the chemical industry, where Digitalization, Circular Economy, Sustainability and Innovation are the key characteristics where the first phase, Chemistry 1.0, centered on Industrialization and Coal Chemistry; Chemistry 2.0 on Petro-chemistry; and Chemistry 3.0 on Globalization and Specialization.

The biennial STM series was first held in December 1994. Since then, it has brought together an impressive lineup of global and local CEOs, heads of manufacturing companies, scientists, researchers, chemists, engineers and technical experts to share their experiences and further build on their capabilities.

Exhibition of STC-12

This high-profile event attracts companies and professionals from across the GCC and the world to exhibit and showcase their technology, products, solutions and business profiles. The Exhibition of STC-12 takes place in conjunction with the SABIC Technical Conference from 6 - 9 November in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. With over 12,000 industry experts in attendance and visiting the exhibition, and over 30,000 sqm of exhibition space, it is the largest technology exhibition in Saudi Arabia.